Amber Lee Olivier

Multi-passionate Artist

Amber was raised on a hobby farm in Minnesota and was an active member of her local 4-H club. Through 4-H there were so many possibilities of fun things to learn that is just not offered anywhere else. In addition to agriculture which 4-H is known for, she also learned things like archery, theatre, clothing design, as well as painting and sculpting. A profit percentage of selected painting prints sold through V-Side she will donate to Minnesota’s 4-H General Fund.

In Amber’s painting and sculptures she likes beauty - subjects or ideas that she finds beautiful be they landscape, people, abstract, etc. Painting and sculpture as an expression of what she sees Amber looks for the positive possibility when the world, global or personal, is tough. In painting she is transitioning from acrylic to natural pigment oil. All of her prints are printed with archival non-toxic ink on natural fiber paper.

Her artwork has been seen in several theatre productions throughout Chicago, IL and Twin Cities, MN as well as adorning walls of private homes.