Frequently asked questions

Do you have Black Friday or other sales?

We do not have seasonal sales, clearance events or Black Friday discounts. We choose products to be sustainable so your consumption and impact on the environment is reduced. We believe artists should not work for free. Every artwork price from bags to prints pays the artist who created the image.

I’m an artist, can I be featured?

Sure! Here are the rules:
- Plant-based/herbivore/vegan artist
- Artwork reproductions only (we believe you should keep control of your original artwork)
- Artwork reproductions must be ecologically produced, from “birth to earth.”

I own a Minnesota (or surrounding area) vegan business. Can my products be sold by V-Side?

Sure! Here are the rules:
- Plant-based/herbivore/vegan business
- Products are made in MN & vicinity
- Majority of ingredients are harvested in MN & vicinity
- Everything you make is vegan. Not a couple vegan products and others contain milk or other animal byproducts.